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Last Updated: 5/5/2020 2:36 PM

Staff Forms

Please choose the correct form below.
A description of each form is listed below the forms link.
Please enter the required fields and double check your entry before pressing submit.
You can not change the form after pressing Submit.
If you need a correction to the form you submitted, please contact Reuben.

Form 4 - Trip Request | Field Trip Policy | Reports

(This form is to be used to request a trip of any kind including usage of the van, white bus, truck, or trailer.)

Form 2 - Professional Growth Leave Request | Reports

(This form is to be used to request permission for a
Professional Leave of Absence Only)

Form 3 - Verification of Absence | Report

(This form is to be completed AFTER you return from a day off or AFTER your Professional Leave of Absence has been taken. This verifies and confirms that you actually took the day you requested.) 

Form 5 - Fund-Raiser Application | Reports

 (This form is to be used to request permission to conduct a fund-raiser for your department/group.)

Pest Report Form
(This form is to be used to report any pest seen in the building.)

Faculty Usage Form


Non-Certified Feedback Form